Previous Show: Pages From My Songbook

The Alligator Club presents Pages From My Songbook

A mix tape of theatre. 18 short plays featuring live music, all the length of a song, will explore love, life, loneliness and lager.

Against the backdrop of a dusky festival night this innovative theatrical event immersed the audience in stories that blurred the lines between a theatrical and festival experience, as the powerful short stories and talented musicians evoked the spirit and vibe of a festival.

Music-packed, fun-filled, sleepless nights revelling in the canvas city under the stars. The freedon. The new friends, old friends and strangers. The best nights of your life. The memories. The pages from your songbook.

With a drink in your hand sit back, and enjoy as music and stories collide.

Curated by: Ella Carmen Greenhill (Plastic Figurines, Box of Tricks) and Kim Wiltshire (Project XXX Bolton Octagon)
Written by: Ella Carmen Greenhill, Kim Wiltshire, Lee Thompson, Miriam Battye, Jennifer Tuckett and Becky Prestwich.
Music by: Alice Kirwan, Irfan Hussain aka Irfan Rainy and Vidar Norheim.
Directed by: Holly Race Roughan
Suitable for ages 14+

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